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We've just launched the Black Belt Coder website. This website provides free developer articles and source code. Our focus is now on continuing to add more content. We are also looking to the developer community for content. If you have some cool articles that solve real-world problems, please consider submitting your article to have it published on the site. All articles will link directly to the author's profile on the site.


Cygnus Hex Editor

Cygnus Hex Editor 2.50

Version 2.50 has even more powerful features. This is the fastest and easiest hex editor available anywhere! Features include tabbed MDI interface, multi-level undo & redo, extensive drag & drop support, Data Inspector allows you to view and edit data using natural data types and structures, support for powerful user-writable plug-ins, blazing fast and flexible search, search and replace, file compare, delete and insert characters as easily as you can in a word processor, edit files up to available virtual memory (up to 2GB), and many more powerful features.


Cygnus Hex Editor

Cygnus Hex Editor FREE EDITION 1.00

The fastest and easiest hex editor is now available for free! There's no catch, and no arbitrary program limitations. This is simply a version of our hex editor without the latest features. Perfect for simple binary editing tasks!


Snippets Text Database

Snippets Text Database 1.61

Finally, a fast and easy way to store all your notes! Easily store notes in any arrangement of categories and subcategories and quickly find them later. Arranging categories is as easy as drag and drop. Flexible printing. Custom database written from scratch for maximum efficiency.


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Check out our collection of shareware, freeware, demos and sample code that you can download for free!


Rodent Software

If you are looking for economically priced software, our Rodent Software line of shareware offers a number of productivity titles at low prices. All titles may be downloaded and tested before you decide if you want to purchase them.