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File Description
BIN Print DLL [16 and 32-bit]
DLL to copy a file directly to the printer without modification. When you select the 'Print to File' option in many Windows applications, those applications will create a .BIN file that contains all the necessary data and control codes for the selected printer. Use the routines in these DLLs to copy those files to a printer. (Works similar to DOS's COPY filename.bin PRN.) Contains two DLLs: one for 16-bit and one for 32-bit. See included documentation for possible limitations.
Binary to Hexadecimal Conversion DLL [32-Bit]
BinToHex takes any data and returns it as a hexadecimal string. Although you can perform this in Visual Basic alone, VB string overhead can make it slow if you must repeat the process many times. BinToHex was written in hand optimized assembly language and performs the conversion as fast as it can possibly be done.
CallPtr [32-Bit]
DLL that allows Visual Basic programmers to call a subroutine or function from a function pointer. Includes routines and documentation on techniques to call any function regardless or arguments or return types.
MBF <-> IEEE Conversion [32-Bit]
MBFIEE32.DLL contains 4 functions to convert floating point values between IEEE format and the older Microsoft Binary Format (MBF). It's intended to replace the older free library MBF2IEEE.DLL, which only works in 16-bit Windows. MBFIEE32 is provided by MicroDexterity.
MsgHook Subclassing Control [16 and 32-bit]
MsgHook provides a way for the Visual Basic programmer to intercept and respond to messages which Visual Basic doesn't provide events for. For instance, you can use MsgHook to intercept taskbar related messages, thus enabling you to write a program which displays itself on the taskbar. Includes 16-bit VBX and 16 and 32-bit OCX versions.
32-Bit Subclassing Control [VB5]
32-bit subclassing control written in Visual Basic. A subclassing control allows Visual Basic programs to detect messages for which Visual Basic does not provide direct support for. Full source code to the control is included. Also includes 8 examples to demonstrate using the control.
VB-Asm DLL [16-bit]
DLL provides functionality that is either difficult or impossible using VB alone. Includes protected and real mode interrupt services, port I/O, bit shifting, high/low byte/word, get address, much more.
VB-Helper DLL [32-bit]
DLL that was written to help programmers using 32-bit Visual Basic accomplish tasks that are either very difficult or impossible to do in Visual Basic alone. Includes vbGetAddress, vbFillMemory, vbCopyMemory, vbHiByte, vbHiWord, vbLoByte, vbLoWord, vbMakeLong and vbMakeWord. Includes bit shifting and rotating. Also includes routines to remove padding bytes that 32-bit Visual Basic adds to UDTs. Sample programs, thorough documentation. Note: No interrupts or port access.
Windows 95 I/O DLL [32-bit]
This tiny DLL allows port input and output under Windows 95. Note that there are limitations to this technique due to limitations in Win32, and that this DLL will not work under NT. The included documentation describes these limitations.