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Modifying Data

Cygnus provides powerful features that offer many ways to modify data.


Cygnus Main Window

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Like most hex editors, the main edit window displays data in two columns using hexadecimal and ASCII notation. Using the Tab key, you can switch between the two columns. You can enter data in the format that matches the column you are currently in. And while you can enter data in overstrike mode, Cygnus also allows you to insert and delete data as easily as with any word processor.


In addition, the Data Inspector window (shown to the left side of the main window in the image above) makes it even easier to work with data. This window allows you to view and edit data using defined data types. This allows you to view and edit data in a more natural way when you know the type of data being edited.


The Data Inspector window has two tabs: The Data View tab and the Structure View tab. The Data View tab displays data from the current location as several different data types. You can also edit data from the current location as any one of those data types.


The Data Types Dialog Box

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You can use the Data Types dialog box to specify which data types are included in the Data View tab.


Data Inspector Windows showing Structure View

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When you know the layout of a particular type of file, you can use the Structure View tab of the Data Inspector window to display and edit data from the current location as a sequence of data types, or structures.


The Structures Dialog Box

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Of course, you'll probably want to create your own collection of structures. You can do this from the Structures dialog box. You can define structures using any of the available data types. You can even create members that are arrays, other types of structures, or even arrays of structures. You can also specify that Cygnus use other members of the structure to specify the length of an array. Developers can even define new data types by creating Cygnus extensions and those data types can be used as structure members.


The Add/Edit Structure Dialog Box

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Structures are created and modified via the Add/Edit Structure dialog box. This dialog box provides a complete graphical interface for defining structures, making it very easy to create your own.


Modify Dialog Box

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Cygnus also offers commands that will automatically modify a range of data. The Modify dialog box allows you to quickly and easily modify contiguous data in a file by treating the data as an array of a given data type. You specify the number of items to be modified along with the data type of each item. (Note: Data types created by writing Cygnus extensions are not available for Modify operations.)


Modify Actions

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You also specify the action you want to perform on each item and, if needed, an action value. For example, you could select the Add action and an action value of 5. Cygnus would then add 5 to each item. In addition, you can also perform actions on the action value. So, in the previous example, if you chose to add 1 to the action value, Cygnus would add 5 to the first item, 6 to the second item, 7 to the third item, and so on.


Insert Dialog Box

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The Insert dialog box inserts a specified number of a specified data type. You can also specify the initial value for each item that is inserted. Cygnus determines the actual number of bytes to insert based on the number of items and the size of each item, and initializes the value of each item.


Delete Dialog Box

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The Delete dialog box deletes a specified number of a specified type. Cygnus determines the actual number of bytes to delete based on the number of items and the size of each item.


Convert Data Dialog Box

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The Convert Data dialog box allows you to convert the selected data. It provides a list of available conversions and allows you to select the type of conversion you want. In addition to the conversion types that come with Cygnus, developers can add additional conversion types by writing Cygnus extensions.




Online Help Issues on Windows Vista

Cygnus Hex Editor runs great on the Vista Windows operating system. However, the portion of Windows used by this program to display online help is no longer included with Windows Vista. We are working to upgrade the help system but it will not be immediate.


In order to access help under Windows Vista with the existing software, you may download the help system used by this program from Microsoft at no charge. You will want to download Windows6.0-KB917607-x86.msu. The other version (Windows6.0-KB917607-x64.msu) is for 64-bit Windows.



Our Cygnus Hex Editor is sold as shareware. Shareware can be evaluated for free and without risk. We strongly recommend that you first download the software and install it on your computer. Take it for a test drive and see if it performs to your satisfaction. If you like the software, you can register (purchase) it. When you do, we'll send you a registration key that you enter into the program to fully activate the software. Because the software will already be on your computer, this method is fast, easy, and avoids all shipping and media charges. And because you'll have already used the program, you'll know exactly what you're buying.


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