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Finding Data

Cygnus takes a simple yet powerful approach in specifying data that you want to find. The Find dialog box provides three tabs. They are labeled Find Text, Find Value, and Find Data.


Find Text Tab (Find Dialog Box)

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The Find Text tab allows you to find a string of text. This type of search is common to many editors. You simply enter the string of text you want to search for. There is a Unicode option if you want to find matching Unicode text. In addition, when searching for Unicode text, Cygnus lets you specify if you want to use big-endian byte ordering. Big-endian byte ordering is used by processors made by companies such as Motorola. It is the reverse byte ordering used by Intel processors.


Find Value Tab (Find Dialog Box)

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The Find Value tab allows you to search for non-text values. Traditionally, searching for values in a hex editor is tricky because you can only determine the value of any given data when you know the type of that data. Cygnus supports many different data types and you can search for specific values using any of those types.


Data Type List

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This provides a great deal of flexibility. If you wanted, for example, to find a FILETIME data type with a value of 1/1/2005 3:30 PM, you can simply select the FILETIME data type and enter "1/1/2005 3:30pm" in the Value field. Many other data types are supported. In fact, developers can even add their own data types by writing Cygnus extensions.


Find Data Tab (Find Dialog Box)

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Finally, there is the Data tab for finding all other types of data. The Data tab simply provides the same data entry as the Cygnus edit window does: hexadecimal values on the left and ASCII values on the right. Simply type any combination of hexadecimal and ASCII bytes to search for that string of bytes.


Replace Dialog Box

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The Replace dialog box provides even more flexibility than the Find dialog box. The Replace dialog box provides three find tabs in addition to three replace tabs. Any of the three find tabs can be used to specify the data you want to search for. And you can independently use any of the three replace tabs to specify what that data should be replaced with.


This allows for unprecedented flexibility when performing Replace operations. While you would normally replace data with values of the same data type, you are by no means limited to that. If you wanted, for example, to replace all instances of a particular float value with a SYSTEMTIME value, you could do so very easily.


Bookmarks Dialog Box

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Another way to locate data is by using bookmarks. Bookmarks allow you to define one or more ranges of data. Bookmarks are particularly useful when working with different files that contain data at the same locations. A bookmark collection can be applied to multiple files and can be given meaningful names. This makes it easy to jump to predefined points within those files.




Online Help Issues on Windows Vista

Cygnus Hex Editor runs great on the Vista Windows operating system. However, the portion of Windows used by this program to display online help is no longer included with Windows Vista. We are working to upgrade the help system but it will not be immediate.


In order to access help under Windows Vista with the existing software, you may download the help system used by this program from Microsoft at no charge. You will want to download Windows6.0-KB917607-x86.msu. The other version (Windows6.0-KB917607-x64.msu) is for 64-bit Windows.



Our Cygnus Hex Editor is sold as shareware. Shareware can be evaluated for free and without risk. We strongly recommend that you first download the software and install it on your computer. Take it for a test drive and see if it performs to your satisfaction. If you like the software, you can register (purchase) it. When you do, we'll send you a registration key that you enter into the program to fully activate the software. Because the software will already be on your computer, this method is fast, easy, and avoids all shipping and media charges. And because you'll have already used the program, you'll know exactly what you're buying.


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