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Cygnus Extensions

Cygnus provides many options for converting and analyzing data. However, we recognized that some users would have a need for tasks that we had not envisioned. To deal with this, Cygnus allows developers to write extensions to enhance the program's features.


Once we implemented support for extensions in Cygnus, we were very pleased. Not only did this give customers a way to extend the program, but it also gave us a way to add functionality more easily ourselves. Cygnus definitely has more features than it would have had without extensions. Additional features can be downloaded for free from our Cygnus Downloads Page and we expect to add many additional extensions to the product in the future.


Cygnus supports two basic types of extensions. The first are task extensions. These extensions provide plug-in tasks that are available from within the program. Task extensions can be written to enhance the following commands:


  • The Import command.
  • The Export command.
  • The Copy As command.
  • The Paste As command.
  • The Convert Data command.
  • The Compute Checksum command.


The second basic type of extensions are data type extensions. Through data type extensions, developers can add new data types to Cygnus. Data types are used throughout the program by the Data Inspector, Find, Replace, Insert, and Delete commands.


(Note: The current version of Cygnus does not allow you to write data type extensions that can be used by the Modify command.)


Extensions are designed to be written in C and C++ but may be written in any language that can create DLLs that export undecorated and unmangled function names. Instructions on writing extensions are included in the online help. No additional software or documentation must be purchased from us.


Of course, customers needing custom extensions who either do not have the time or technical expertise can contact SoftCircuits. SoftCircuits provides software consulting services and, obviously, has great expertise in the area of writing Cygnus extensions.




Online Help Issues on Windows Vista

Cygnus Hex Editor runs great on the Vista Windows operating system. However, the portion of Windows used by this program to display online help is no longer included with Windows Vista. We are working to upgrade the help system but it will not be immediate.


In order to access help under Windows Vista with the existing software, you may download the help system used by this program from Microsoft at no charge. You will want to download Windows6.0-KB917607-x86.msu. The other version (Windows6.0-KB917607-x64.msu) is for 64-bit Windows.



Our Cygnus Hex Editor is sold as shareware. Shareware can be evaluated for free and without risk. We strongly recommend that you first download the software and install it on your computer. Take it for a test drive and see if it performs to your satisfaction. If you like the software, you can register (purchase) it. When you do, we'll send you a registration key that you enter into the program to fully activate the software. Because the software will already be on your computer, this method is fast, easy, and avoids all shipping and media charges. And because you'll have already used the program, you'll know exactly what you're buying.


Buying Cygnus

Registration for Cygnus is only $39.00 (USD). SoftCircuits offers many different payment methods. Site licenses are available.




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