Consulting Services

SoftCircuits has been developing computer software since 1987 and is uniquely qualified to provide consulting services in the area of computer development for both desktop applications and Website development. We are located in Utah but routinely work for clients off site via the Internet. The founder of SoftCircuits, Jonathan Wood, has contributed to numerous developer articles, books and other resources. He was even a regular columnist for the now defunct Visual Basic Programmer's Journal.


Desktop Applications

SoftCircuits has developed countless desktop applications. Our current focus is on the Microsoft Windows platform. We are able to employ a variety of tools according to which is best suited for the job at hand. For most of our current efforts, we are favoring C++/MFC, SQLite, C#, and the .NET platform.


Website Development

SoftCircuits develops cutting-edge Websites using the latest versions of Microsoft's ASP.NET, C#, and SQL Server. Advantages of ASP.NET include the ability to separate server-side code from page design, and pre-compiled pages, which provide maximum performance. We are also skilled at Website design using CSS and graphics/logo design. Please see for additonal information.


We also have contacts with other developers who specialize in a variety of technologies.


If you'd like assistance with your projects, please contact us to see if we can help.